No On Issue 2

The TRUTH about Issue 2

MYTH: Issue 2 is reasonable and asks public workers to pay just 15% and 10% of their healthcare and pension premiums
TRUTH: All public employees are ALREADY REQUIRED BY LAW to pay 10% of their pension, and all state and county workers already pay 15% or more for their health care. In fact, Ohio’s teachers, nurses, firefighters and other public employees have already made great sacrifices, saving Ohio taxpayers more than $1 billion dollars to help fix the budget crisis.

MYTH: Public employees need to make a sacrifice to reduce the state's projected $8 billion budget shortfall.
TRUTH: Ohio is 44th of 50 states in per capita spending on government workers. State employees have taken a pay freeze five times in 9 years. In the last contract, state employees voluntarily took furloughs and made other financial sacrifices that saved $250 million and an additional $100 million in health care costs.

MYTH: Public employees are overpaid, and their salaries need to be brought in line with the private sector.
TRUTH: A recent Rutgers University study found Ohio public employees earn 6 percent less on a yearly basis than their peers in the private sector. They earn 3.5% less on an hourly basis. The average OAPSE (Ohio Association of Public School Employee) makes $24,000 a year and retires with an average pension of $900 a month. Public employees do not pay into or receive Social Security. 

MYTH: Issue 2 is nothing more than a reasonable set of reforms needed to bring public employee salaries and benefits more in line with their private sector counterparts.
TRUTH: There is nothing reasonable about Issue 2. It takes away the rights and voices of hardworking Ohioans who serve our state and local communities. It unfairly shifts the balance and all the power to management.

MYTH: Public employees have too much power and the public agrees.
TRUTH: A recent Gallup poll found the 61% of the public oppose taking away some collective bargaining rights of most public employee unions. A recent Quinnipiac Poll found that only 34 percent of the people in Ohio support this proposal. 

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